Hope Community Church has recently signed up with Tearfund to support churches in Malawi with their community development work

Eliza Moyo lost her husband in 2007. She is HIV positive, and has 4 children. Like thousands of others in Malawi, she struggles to provide for her family. They can only survive with the help of their local church.

Malawi is a land-locked nation in East Africa. It has a population of approximately 15 million, with a life expectancy of 56 years. Most of the population live in rural areas and depend on farming for a living. Many communities live in extreme poverty with limited access to education or healthcare.

Tearfund works with local Christian organisations and churches across Malawi to meet the needs in their communities. In some parts of the country droughts and floods are a recurring threat, so churches might be helping farmers introduce drought resistant crops or improving building techniques. In other areas churches are reaching out to people living with HIV, providing practical and emotional support.

Here at Hope Community Church in Admaston, we are very excited to be able to partner with these churches, through Tearfund, and look forward to hearing more about what God is doing through his people in Malawi. For more information visit: