In a time of political uncertainty and division, we need to remember that our primary allegiance is to the King of Heaven. In that allegiance we are called to:

–          Pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2v1-2)

–          Submit to our leaders (Romans 13v1-7), (unless they rule against what God has clearly commanded us to do – Acts 4v19)

–          Play our part in advocating what is right where this is possible and appropriate, even if potentially costly (Esther 4v12-14)

–          Remember with confidence that God is in authority over secular leaders (e.g. Isaiah 44v28-45v13 where God reveals to Isaiah around 680BC that he is going to raise up Cyrus as a future secular leader for his purposes – Cyrus conquered Babylon in 539BC)

–          Remember that ultimately God is bringing about his eternal kingdom (Daniel 2), to which all those who have been born again belong (John 3v3-8).

Our leaders desperately need our prayers, and we urgently need to put our hope in God who ultimately is our provider. Our God raises up one nation and then raises up another in its place, but the kingdom of Christ will last forever.

In a democracy, we also need to play our part. There is a huge pressure in our society to move away from Christian principles and ways. I have provided a link below to a consultation about divorce – you may like to participate in this

The link is .

May we be built up together to maturity in Christ,


With love and blessing,