The story of the Thai boys football team trapped in a cave by water grabbed global headlines last weekend. It would seem that their coach did not appreciate the perilous situation he was leading them into. But, trapped in darkness with reducing oxygen and supplies, expert divers sought to rescue them with one giving up his life in the pursuit. The boys were led out by global experts in the field who carefully planned and executed the rescue. There is a clear symbolic resemblance in a spiritual dimension to Christ, the light of the world, coming down into the darkness to bring us out into freedom and light.


There is another parallel: the diver who sadly died, did so as he ran out of oxygen in his tank. Whatever our good efforts for the kingdom, it is vital that we maintain our source of “spiritual oxygen”. May we keep connected to the Lord, keep receiving from him, keep our spiritual tank full and it is amazing what we will be able to sustain in our rescue of others. In the words of Jesus to Martha “but one thing is needed,” Luke 10v38-42.


With love and blessing,