Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


Acts 13v2While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said….

It was while the disciples were praying that the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. It was following their prayer in Acts 4 that the “place where they were meeting was shaken”. In Acts 10 it was while Peter was praying that God revealed a vision to him. I could go on … and on… Simply put, when we pray, God acts. Sometimes that action is in power on us, other times it is in power on others (eg Peter in Acts 12).

The simple question is therefore: Do we want God to move in our own lives? … to move in the life of Hope Community Church? … to move in the life of our community? If so then it is time to pray. We are therefore having a day of prayer on 23rd February and would encourage you to participate as is possible.

You may also like to fast during the day in some way. To fast is not some “magic ritual”, but it is a statement of priority: it is saying that we are relying on God to act rather than relying on our physical strength. We can fast by abstaining (or partially abstaining) from food or drink during the day. This is not some macho thing, but a simple statement before God. Be sensible in how you apply this for yourself, with due regard for any medical conditions you may have. See also Matthew 6v16-18 concerning when you fast.

There is a timetable for the day attached. You can sign up to lead different sections of the day or simply to participate (email me or sign up on Sunday morning). What a God we have to come to in prayer!!

May God bless you this week by the power of the Holy Spirit,

With much blessing,




  1. Church Family Meeting – Thank you to all who participated in this.
  2. Prayer Day – 23rd February – There is a timetable attached and will available in church on Sunday – please sign up where you can.
  3. Pancake Pandemonium – Tuesday 25th February at Admaston House. This has been a very well attended event in recent years. If you would like to help as families join in activities and share in a Bible story and songs, please let Sharon Johnson know on .
  4. Baptisms – We are planning to have baptisms on Sunday 3rd May and on Sunday 18th July. If you are interested in being baptised, please let me know and we can arrange some preparation meetings.
  5. Funtastic Church – The primary purpose of Funtastic Church is to reach out to families who would not otherwise be in church. On the basis that we have struggled to gather a reasonable number and the strain it is on our own people to stay through the day, we are going to trial having Funtastic Church on the 5th Sunday of the month alongside our normal “5th Sunday” activities. Those participating in Funtastic Church (largely families) would be in the main room and others of us will gather in St Christopher’s Room. The first Sunday of this will be 29th March. There will be no Funtastic Church on Sunday 2nd March, but only normal service in the morning and lunch at 1pm.
  6. Prayer

–  Leadership – please continue to pray for wisdom and insight as we move forward with eldership.

  • Diary – please continue to pray for one another day by day using the prayer diary.