Jesus wanted some space alone to mourn the beheading of John, his second cousin and partner in the gospel (see last time). Just as he got to his “space”, the crowds found him (v13). What is Jesus to do? He chose to “have compassion on them and heal their sick” rather than pursue his reflection space. I imagine this was hard on the disciples too as some used to follow John, would have also been upset.

It’s coming to the end of this day and Jesus decides to feed the crowd and wants his disciples to help. This was no mean feat with 5000 men plus women and children. As Jesus gets to work multiplying the bread and fish, the disciples are busy. They are busy with something that they thought they could not do – and probably didn’t really want to do. Every disciple is involved in this task. As they received from the Lord, so each disciple was able to feed the people and they were all satisfied.

God wants to use you and I in his work in the world: What is Jesus doing right now by his Spirit?  What am I receiving from the Lord that I can pass on to others?

May we each be enabled by His Spirit to work with God in this world day by day,