Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Lockdown – Jesus Prayed Evangelistically

John 17v21-23  “ May they also be in us so that the world may believe … May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me …..”

It was 9 weeks ago this weekend that we last met in person on a Sunday morning!

At the end of Jesus’ prayer in John 17, he turns to pray “for all you will believe” down the ages. Later that same night he is going to be betrayed, but he chooses to pray for you and I. What does he pray?

He prays for you and I to be united with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That is an absolutely amazing prayer. Whatever your situation, what more could you want? But why is he praying it? It is with an evangelistic purpose – your unity with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is going to cause the world around you to believe. Think – our unity with God is strategic for the purposes of God. No wonder a couple of chapters earlier, Jesus was saying “Remain in me and you will bear much fruit.” Of course, you may not always see the fruit, but it is the promise Jesus gives. Whether you on furlough, working from home, or working – make remaining in Him your priority.

He then prays for us to be united with one another. To be honest if we are each totally remaining in God, how can we not be united. “How good and pleasant it is when brother live together in unity” (Psalms 133v1). Unity is much more pleasant than division. But why is he praying it? It is with an evangelistic purpose – our unity causes the world to know Jesus is the Son of God. Are united with your brothers and sisters in Christ? Are you united with the people of Hope? If not, let’s find ways to unite you in. Let’s make being together whether on Zoom or one day in person a priority.

I believe God is at work among us and in the world. Let’s cooperate with him in loving obedience.

With love and blessing,



1.       Hope Prayer Meetings – We are trialling increasing our prayer meetings during this period to weekly on a Monday night. Gill will be leading half of them. They will all run from 7.30-9pm.

2.       School of Leadership – The School of Leadership runs each year over 2 years. A brochure is attached. It is now running online as well as physically in Sheffield. Rebekah has been participating this last year, so do speak to her if you would like to know more about it.

3.       Hope Socials – Quiz night is planned for Friday 22nd  evening 6.45 for 7pm. Would you like to suggest a round or even organise a round of the quiz? Contact Rebekah Ingham as soon as possible!

4.       Telford Food bank – As a church, we have donated £75 worth of food to the Telford Food Bank


Please contact Roland if you would like to join any of the Zoom meetings.

Sunday morning worship is live-streamed at 10.30am on:

–          Youtube – In the Hope Community Church Admaston Songs channel

–          Facebook – On the Hope Community Church Admaston Page.


Thu 14-May 9.45am Hope Assemblies on YouTube; 4-5.30pm Youth Alpha on Zoom; 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Group on Zoom

Fri 15-May 2.30pm Alpha on Zoom (20s)

Sat 16-May 10.30am-12 Crochet, Craft and Craft with Lisa on Zoom

Sun 17-May 10am Hope Kids on Zoom with Sue and Helen; 10.30am Hope Worship on Youtube and Facebook; 11am Hope Family Time on Zoom; 4-6pm Youth at Wests joining with “Engage” on Zoom; 7pm Building Leaders Planting Churches on Zoom

Mon 18-May 7.30pm Hope Community Prayer on Zoom

Tue 19-May 9.45am Hope Assemblies on YouTube; 7.30pm St Cs Men’s Group on Zoom

Wed 20-May 8am Hope Community Prayer on Zoom; 4-5.30pm Youth Alpha on Zoom

Thu 21-May 9.45am Hope Assemblies on YouTube; 4-5.30pm Youth Alpha on Zoom; 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Group on Zoom


Give thanks:

  • For the progress being made nationally and internationally in dealing with the Cod-19 virus.
  • Those who are listening into our Sunday morning worship who would not normally be with us. This is exciting!
  • For our church community.


  • Use your prayer diary to pray for each person in our church family.
  • Pray for 5 people you connect with who are not yet believers each day this week.
  • Pray for the youth and 20’s Alpha courses currently running.
  • Let’s continue to pray for successful vaccine trials and wisdom in the timing and process of lifting lockdown.

Other general information

Pastoral care – If you are in isolation and need support (eg shopping), please contact Natalie on who will arrange with the team of helpers.