Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week


Luke 4v18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me … to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.”

This “Prisons week” charity leads a week of prayer for Prisons this week each year. Prisons week website

Our society can tend to consider those who are prisoners to be “scum”. As Christians, we recognize all prisoners to be people made in the image of God. We recognize that while many have done horrendous crimes, others may be there as miscarriages of justice or because of the way experiences have shaped them. But, whatever the reason, they each need the mercy of God and God loves each one and sent Jesus to save the lost. In Christ, he is able to forgive all their sin and crime and bring them into a wonderful relationship with Jesus.

Let’s this pray this evening for those who are in prison at present. Let’s pray for those Christian chaplains and others who are running Alpha courses and introducing prisoners to Jesus. There are incredible stories of prison conversions – let’s pray for God to pour out his Spirit on our prisons. Let’s pray too for wisdom for all those running prisons. Let’s pray for organisations such as Yellow Ribbon here in Telford who are seeking to support those coming out of prison.

For some prison is a physical reality, for others it is a metaphorical reality in their lives. The image of prison is used in scripture of our spiritual condition where we are held by Satan and his powers. May God bring spiritual release and freedom for us and many in our community.


With love and blessing,