Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Noah Walking with God

Genesis 6v9  “Noah … walked with God.”

This week I want to follow on and expand one of the things we noticed last Sunday in the life of Noah. In the Genesis accounts so far, there are two particular terms used to describe the “righteous” as differentiated from the “wicked”: the righteous “call on the name of the LORD” and they “walk with God”.

God walked in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve (3v8).  Enoch walked with God and as a result avoided death (5v22-24). And here in 6v9, Noah walks with God.

To walk with someone implies two elements. The first is an intimacy. As you walk with one other person, there can be a personal sharing of time and thought, concerns and hopes. It is one-on-one. But the second element is that the walk is not behind walls, but out in the open where others can see and indeed others may be met. It is public.

Our relationship with God is to be both intimate and public. We need those times of personal one-on-one with God where we share time, thoughts, concerns and hopes together. What does that look like for you? Maybe it is to sit quietly, to read and to listen, to hear God’s Word in the Bible, to pray and to worship, to pray in tongues or to sing out loud.

It also means that in the public square, we do not wander away from God, but very much stick with him. We are not ashamed to be seen with him. We are recognizing that he is seeing and hearing everything we do. We know that he is with us and supporting us as we live for Him. What does “walking with God” look like in your daily context?

May you and I truly “walk with God” 24-7.

With love and blessing,