Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Living as a Friend of God

James 2v23 “Abraham … was called God’s friend.”

We can easily imagine God as distant and high above us. Well, he is above us, but the Scriptures also tell us that he has people as friends. James writes that Abraham “was called God’s friend”. James is referring to 2 Chronicles 20v7 where Jehoshaphat (one of the later Kings of Judah) prays to God and refers to Abraham with the words, “Abraham your friend.”

Why was Abraham called “God’s friend”? Was it because he was perfect? Certainly not! He made his fair share of mistakes whether telling half-truths about his wife or sleeping with Hagar. Rather, I think it must be firstly because God had chosen him and secondly because the overall direction of Abraham’s life was one of faith and obedience despite the shortcomings.

Friends share time, thoughts and experiences together. Each is evident in God’s friendship with Abraham. God often appeared to Abraham, he visited for food, and told Abraham what he was thinking and planning whether for blessing or judgment. From the other side, Abraham was available to God and shared frankly how he was feeling and his worries and concerns. God was not someone for him to be afraid of, but to share with.

So that brings me to the question, “Am I a friend of God?”. Well if I am a believer, I am chosen just like Abraham was (see for example Ephesians 1v4). If I am allowing time to spend with God and am seeking to obedient to his direction, then it seems reasonable to conclude that God considers me His friend.

Spend time today meditating on the thought that God considers you His friend.


With love and blessing,