Jesus told a parable in Matthew 13v1-23 about a sower sowing seed on the soil. Jesus explained that he was comparing the soil with our heart, and the seed with the Word of God. In doing so he was showing 4 types of response we make to God’s word when we receive it:

(i)                  Lack of understanding, so it never gets anywhere (the seed on the path)

(ii)                Lack of depth, so when “troubles or persecution” comes the person falls away (the seed on the rocky ground)

(iii)               Lack of breadth, so the “worries of the this life and deceitfulness of wealth” crowd in and make it unfruitful (the seed among the thorns)

(iv)               Understanding and growth to produce a multiplyingly fruitful crop (the seed on good soil)


There are many troubles in this world and there are many things to distract my attention from what the reign of God means in my life. But if I allow the space for the understanding of what God says to run both deep and wide in my life, there will be an abundance of fruit – “30, 60 or even 100 times what was sown”. Is my understanding growing? Is my faith deepening? Is my application widening?


May God, by the power of His Spirit in us, enable us to each be “100 times” disciples as we allow him space.  Remember, “nothing is impossible with God”!


With blessing and anticipation in God,