James 1v13 Mercy triumphs over judgment!”

Let’s meditate on this phrase by considering the three Greek words:

“Judgment” – the Greek word is “krisis” from which we get “crisis”! It is based on the idea of separating or distinguishing right from wrong on a just basis. My problem is that I have done wrong and so I am in for a crisis indeed.

“Mercy” – the Greek carries the meanings of compassion and pity as well as mercy. It is the recognition of someone’s plight and giving what they do not deserve to rescue them. This is what God shows to us.

“Triumphs over” – In this Greek word, there is a sense of rejoicing over a total victory. When we stand before God, his mercy totally overcomes any judgment. Judgment no longer has any rule. It is done away with. It is not a compromise.

Let’s revel in the mercy of God and be grateful for his kindness and compassion towards us.

In the context, James applies this truth to how we treat others. Do I treat them with judgment or with mercy?

May our thankfulness for God’s mercy overflow in mercy towards those around us!

With much blessing,