Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Jesus the Constant.

Hebrews 13v8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”  (NIV)

What can you rely on when things change in this world?

A key message of Hebrews as a whole, and the above verse in particular, is the constancy of Jesus and therefore his complete provision for us. The writer of Hebrews compares the temporary nature of those responsible in the Old Testament (whether powers and authorities, or the persons and policies) with the eternal nature of Jesus.

From this particular verse, I receive the following:

Yesterday and today

– As I read the gospel stories, the Jesus I read about is the same Jesus today. He still has a heart of compassion; he still cares for the lost; he still loves his sheep; he still goes out of his way for the lost; he still teaches with both authority and love; he still has power over nature and over sickness; he was appointed by God, not by man; he is still able to provide all our needs. In fact, he is even more able as he does it through his church and His Spirit, not just in Israel, but all over.

– As I read the book of Acts and the stories of saints through the years, the Jesus they relied on is the same Jesus I can rely on today. The Name that they spoke in power, I can speak in power; the forgiveness they knew, I can know; as they risked their comforts and their possessions for him, so Jesus is worth just as much today.

Forever and today

  • As I read the prophecies of Jesus’ return in his glorious kingdom, I know that his heart is for that kingdom now. And he is implementing it in you and I. He is ushering in the reign of love, joy and peace in our hearts as a mirror of what is to come. I can rest my heart in the joy of the Kingdom.
  • As I know that Jesus will ultimately deal with all evil, I know that I do not need to respond to evil with evil, but with good. He either deals with it through the cross where he took the punishment and brings forgiveness, or through the final judgment where he exercises justice for what is not forgiven. It is therefore not for me to judge and condemn, it is ultimately up to Jesus.

The sea of external circumstances do not ultimately matter. They may be whipped up and rise and fall, but the only thing that counts is the Rock on which I stand; and the Rock of Jesus stands well above the sea and will endure forever. Keep your feet on solid ground and your eyes up!

Lord, you are the one I count on above all other.

With love and blessing,