Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

God’s Plan to become human

John 1v1,14  “In the beginning was the Word …  the Word was God … the Word became flesh .”

Keep reflecting on the creator of the universe becoming a human being like you and I. Such is God’s desire to meet with you. He changed history, he changed the world, and he is changing you.

May you know the love of the Lord for you this Christmas.

With love and blessing for this Christmas and New Year,





  • Coming Sundays
    • On 25th December we will meet only on Zoom at 10am for about 30-40 minutes.
    • On 27th December and 3rd January, we will not meet physically, but will provide a broadcast with pre-recorded materials (some publically available) and have a shorter Zoom time.
    • Facebook live
    • Youtube on Hope Community Church Admaston channel.
    • We will return to live in-person worship on 10th
  • Carol service
    • A big thank you to all involved in putting on the Carol Service. We have had some very positive feedback which is fantastic. May seeds have been sown which bear much fruit. For those of you not on WhatsApp, about 120 people were present for the evening and attendees commended both the safety of the event and the programme.
  • Email
    • There will be no church email next week.


Programme – please contact if you would like to join any of our meetings on Zoom.


Sunday morning worship is now live-streamed on both Youtube and Facebook from Admaston House at 10.30am.

Thu 24-Dec  
Fri 25-Dec 10am on Zoom (#0) – 30/40 minutes worship
Sat 26-Dec  
Sun 27-Dec 10.30 Hope worship on Facebook & Youtube (not in person) using prerecorded items.
11.10 Zoom time (30 minutes only)
Mon 28-Dec  
Tue 29-Dec  
Wed 30-Dec  
Thu 31-Dec  
Fri 01-Jan  
Sat 02-Jan  
Sun 03-Jan 10.30 Hope worship on Facebook & Youtube (not in person) using pre-recorded items
11.10 Zoom time (30 minutes only)
Mon 04-Jan 7.30pm Hope Community Prayer  – on Zoom (#0).
Tue 05-Jan 7.30pm Men’s Group Zoom (#1)
7.30pm Men’s Alpha  Zoom (#0)
Wed 06-Jan 8am Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom (#0)
Thu 07-Jan 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Alpha – on Zoom (#1)
Fri 08-Jan  
Sat 09-Jan  
Sun 10-Jan 10.30 Hope Worship at Admaston and on Youtube and Facebook
11.00 Hope Family time @ on Zoom (#0)
7.00pm Youth at Admaston House and on Zoom (#0)




Give thanks:

  • For our church family together.


  • For all who attended the Carol Service.
  • For our nation to turn back to God at this time of uncertainty.
  • Do use your prayer diary cards to pray for each one of us.


Other general information


Pastoral Care – If you are in isolation and need support (eg shopping), please contact who will arrange with the team of helpers.