Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Mutual encouragement

Romans 1v11-12 “I long to see you so that … you and I may be encouraged by each other’s faith.”

We last met physically on a Sunday morning on 15th March, now 19 weeks later some of us are able to re-group. For some it has felt like hardly any time has passed, for others it has seemed like an eternity. Sadly some are not able to join us for health / government guidance reasons, but will be able to continue to join us on Zoom.

The very nature of God is community – God in 3 persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created mankind in his image to also be community together. God spoke over Adam, “It is not good for man to be alone.” We can be thankful for the modern tools we have which enable some sense of community even when we cannot physically meet. God has not just saved me, he has saved the church to be one body!

The reason for us gathering together is to encourage each other (see also Hebrews 11v25). Encouragement is mutual – I am to encourage you and you are to encourage me. We come with a sense of expectation – that God is enabling us to encourage others! Yes, God is going to use you! It may be your presence and your smile, your conversation and your concern, or your prayers and words of faith. What might God be saying to you that he is wanting to say to all of us?

Of course our meeting will be different! But let’s look to what we can do rather than what we cannot! Maybe God will be pouring new wine into the new wineskins. Above all, we seek His face – and there are no guidelines against that! For Jesus, his 6 weeks alone in the desert was a time of testing. For some of us this has been a time of testing: maybe a test of our faith, a test of our character or a test of our relationships. Jesus returned from his testing “in the power of the Holy Spirit” into a new season of his life’s work. What about you? May the Lord bless us with the power of the Holy Spirit this Sunday morning!

We are God’s People, and my prayer for us this coming Sunday is that we are each encouraged and are able to encourage each other.

With love and blessing,


Breakout Holiday Club week – It has been a joy to have so many families watching and participating in the daily programme on Facebook. Let’s pray for spiritual advance at this time.

Programme – Please contact if you would like to join any of our meetings on Zoom. Sunday  morning worship is now live-streamed on both YouTube and Facebook from Admaston House at 10.30am.

Fri 24-Jul Holiday Club on-line; 2.30pm Alpha on Zoom (20’s)

Sun 26-Jul 10.30am Hope Worship on YouTube and Facebook; 11am Hope Family time on Zoom; 6.30pm Youth at Wests on Zoom

Mon 27-Jul 7.30pm Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom

Tue 28-Jul 7.30pm Men’s Group on Zoom

Wed 29-Jul 8am Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom; 7.30pm Tony & Andrea’s Disciple Group on Zoom

Thu 30-Jul 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Group – on Zoom


Give thanks:

  • For our church family
  • For the opportunities as things open up.


  • For the 20’s Alpha courses currently running.
  • Use our daily prayer guide and let’s pray for one another in this time of change.
  • Breakout Holiday Club week – pray for Sharon and the team as they complete the Fun Week! Pray for great connections with the young families.

Other general information

Pastoral Care – If you are in isolation and need support (eg shopping), please contact who will arrange with the team of helpers.