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Thought for the Week

Revelation – God says “Grace & Peace to you”

Revelation 1v4  “… Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come ..”

I am going to turn to Revelation over the next few weeks and pick up some thoughts and encouragements for us from this important book.

Firstly, let’s take encouragement from the greeting. There are many things in the book of Revelation, but it begins with a greeting from God.

God is the one who has always been, is very present and is going to be. This is the heart of who he is – constant, faithful, and unchanging. It is the basis of his name given to Moses in Exodus “I AM” – “YHWH” – “Yahweh” (See Exodus 3).  God, at the start of the Old Testament, is the same as he is at the end of the New! Many things change in this world – some things over time, and some very quickly. But the one constant throughout time is our God! He is a rock “through all the changing scenes of life”.

And this God greets you, “grace and peace to you”. By “grace” he means he is offering you good things that you do not deserve. By “Peace” he means that he accepts you, he befriends you, he even adopts you as his children.

May you know the still small voice of God whispering grace and peace to you at this time.

With love and blessing,




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Give thanks:

  • For the roll out of the vaccine.


  • For all those who are struggling with health at the moment.
  • For those who are on their own.