Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week


Acts 2v1  “ When the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place.”

It was 11 weeks ago this weekend that we last met in person on a Sunday morning!

There was a group of about 120 believers who were constantly meeting for prayer between the Ascension (last Thursday) and Pentecost (this Sunday). In fact they may well have all been staying together – or at least many of them were (1v13)? Very close company! Can you imagine?

I cannot tell for sure, but it seems to have been quite an introspective period – supporting one another with Jesus gone, and choosing a leader to replace Judas. This was not negative, because they were also being obedient to the instruction of Jesus “to wait for the gift my Father promised”. I suspect they had no idea how long they might need to wait. After a week, maybe some were getting restless – how long would this be? How good are we at waiting for God to enable? What is God doing with you during this period?

So the early disciples enjoyed close fellowship, but the apostle John later wrote to his recipients, “so that you also may have fellowship with us” (1 John 1v3). In other words he was having fellowship with them remotely through “snail” mail. John sees this fellowship as not being dependent on close physical proximity, but on fellowship with God (1 John 1v6-7). Let me encourage us to prepare ourselves to meet together on-line by ensuring our good fellowship with God, so that we too may enjoy close fellowship with one another.

This Pentecost, let’s come together in faith on-line, expecting the Holy Spirit to be among us just as Jesus is among the churches in John’s vision in Revelation 1. Let’s expect him too to be working in the hearts of those around us and who listen in on a Sunday morning. The Holy Spirit is definitely not restricted by physical space.

With love and blessing,



  1. Hope Prayer Meetings – There will be a prayer meeting on Monday at 7.30pm on Zoom as well as on Wednesday at 8am this next week.

Christ Central Shropshire Prayer meeting – Every couple of months, we pray as a group of churches for one of the other churches in our region. On Sunday 31st, there is an opportunity to join with Barnabas Church, Shrewsbury in prayer from 7-8pm. You are all welcome to join and encourage them in this way. Please contact Roland to join the Zoom meeting.

Programme – Please contact Roland if you would like to join any meetings via Zoom.

Sunday morning worship is live-streamed at 10.30am on: YouTube – in the Hope Community Church Admaston Songs channel; Facebook – on the Hope Community Church Admaston Page.

Fri 29-May 2.30pm Alpha on Zoom (20s)

Sat 20-May 10.30-11.30am Crochet, Craft and Chat with Lisa on Zoom

Sun 31-May 10.00am Hope Kids on Zoom with Sue and Helen; 10.30am Hope Worship on YouTube and Facebook; 11.00am Hope Family time on Zoom; 6.30pm Youth at Wests on Zoom; 7-8pm Christ Central Prayer with Barnabas on Zoom

Mon 01-Jun 7.30pm Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom

Tue 02-Jun 9.45am Hope Assemblies on YouTube; 7.30pm St Cs Men’s Group on Zoom

Wed 03-Jun 8am Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom; 7.30pm Tony & Andrea’s Disciple Group on Zoom

Thu 04-Jun 9.45am Hope Assemblies on YouTube; 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Group on Zoom

Fri 05-Jun 2.30pm Alpha on Zoom (20s)


Give thanks

  • For the progress being made nationally and internationally in dealing with the Covid-19 virus.
  • Those who are listening into our Sunday morning worship who would not normally be with us.
  • For our church community at this time.



  • Use your prayer diary to pray for each person in our church family.
  • Pray for 5 people you connect with who are not yet believers each day this week.
  • Pray for the 20’s Alpha courses currently running.
  • Let’s continue to pray for successful vaccine trails, wisdom in the timing and process of lifting lockdown, and conformance with the social distancing measures to the good of all.


Other general information

Pastoral Care – If you are in isolation and need support (eg shopping), please contact Natalie on who will arrange with the team of helpers.