Jesus told another two parables in Matthew 13v31-33 concerning the “kingdom of heaven” which is best understood as the reign of God.


In the first, a man plants a tiny mustard seed and it grows into a tree in which the birds can perch. Jesus says the kingdom of heaven will grow like that seed so that people all over the world can find a place to rest. It would take about 54 billion mustard seeds to fill the volume of a good sized Palestinian mustard tree: that’s some growth!! Jesus and the disciples probably also had in mind the tree in Daniel 4v19-22 which is likened to Nebuchadnezzar’s reign and provision for his people. God’s reign continues to grow and it is a reign of care and provision.


In the second, a woman takes some yeast and mixes it into the dough until it is worked all through. Jesus also likens this to the kingdom of heaven or reign of God. This would seem to be referring to the inner reality in our lives. The yeast of God, needs to be worked into the whole of my life, and that takes time and effort. When the yeast is fully worked through, it can be left to rise and then baked for a lovely loaf of bread. What elements of God’s kingdom have already been worked into my life, what elements is he working into my life right now?


May the seed of the kingdom grow rapidly in Telford, and may the yeast of the kingdom be fully worked through us.


With much blessing,