Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Election! – Romans 13v1

Romans 13v1 “The authorities that exist have been established by God”

After much debate, we have an election coming. We have a responsibility to vote wisely as we elect representatives to make decisions for this nation. Have you seen the wristband slogan “WWJD” – What Would Jesus Do? – It reminds us to think what Jesus would do before we act. If Jesus was in Telford today, how would he decide who to vote for?

On the one hand as Christians, we know that God has our nation in his hands. He is Sovereign and will establish his purposes. On the other hand, we have a responsibility to act in ways of love, justice and righteousness. What does that mean in the context of this election?

The Evangelical Alliance have put an article you may like to read: Faith, hope and love at the coming General Election. They have also published a prayer diary for the run up to the election: Praying ahead of the General Election

This Sunday we will be looking at two kinds of wisdom in James 3v13-18 – one which leads to disorder and evil practice and another which leads to a harvest of righteousness. Is this of relevance at this time too?

May God enable us to exercise godly wisdom in our voting and bring a harvest of righteousness.

With much blessing,




  1. Alpha – Let us believe and pray for the revelation of God across the groups.
  2. Spiritual Battle – Read the New Testament Day – It was very encouraging on Sunday as many of us gathered at different times. I know some found it a great opportunity to read a substantial part of the New Testament. We continued to midnight, but only got to 2 Timothy. We therefore plan on this Sunday 3rd evening to finish the remainder: starting at 6pm, we should finish by 10pm. Come and enjoy and soak in the Word of God!
  3. Family Fun Friday – 4-6pm on 1st November (half term) – Please pray for this activity on Friday.
  4. Lunch & Funtastic Church – This Sunday 3rd!!
  5. Open Doors – If you would like to share a lift to the “Meet your extraordinary family from North Korean” evening at Newtown on Thursday 14th November, please contact Cindy Rich or Tony Finch (see more details below).
  6. Prayer

–  If you are on the prayer guide, then there is a prayer guide for you available from Natalie. I encourage you to use this on a daily basis to pray for the people listed each day and for the activity on the right.

  • Let me also highlight our monthly prayer evening on Monday 4th November 7.30 – 9pm. The other Christ Central Churches in Shropshire will be joining us to pray with/for us and prophesy over us. I sure it will be a wonderful evening!