Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Praising the Lord

Psalm 147v1.

”Praise the LORD.

How good it is to sing praises to our God,

how pleasant and fitting to praise him!”

In January and February we are having a mini-series looking at some Psalms and Proverbs with very different themes. These books are part of what is commonly called the “wisdom literature” in the Old Testament. Psalms covers a wide range of types of poem and song. A good number are focussed on giving praise to God.

Psalm 147 begins with the words above which exclaim that it is “fitting” to praise God because of who he is, but it is also enjoyable (“good” and “pleasant”). To the world it seems strange to gather to praise God, but the Holy Spirit within us – he causes our hearts to want to praise God and therefore it is enjoyable. It is right therefore that when we come together as God’s people, we praise God in various ways – and enjoy doing so. It is not a chore or a duty to praise God, but a privilege and a joy! We can praise God when we are alone too – for some it might be humming or whistling a tune, for others singing or speaking in tongues, and today we can join in worship with our phones almost anywhere! It is good for your health – your spiritual health, your mental health and your physical health!

May our hearts and mouths be filled with praise to our Almighty God for the wonder of who He is, what He has done and what He is doing.

With much blessing,



  1. Admaston House – The refurbishment work has begun with the roof being tackled first. Please pray that things proceed smoothly.
  2. Devoted – If you are not already booked in, the price goes up on 31st January from £119 to £129. Day tickets will increase on the same day from £39 to £43. The link to book for the weekend 28-31 August is here: .
  3. Rota – If you are able, it would be good if you could sign up to help set up on the rota one or two Sundays. Please communicate with Natalie or sign up on a Sunday morning.
  4. Prayer

–  Let me remind you of our prayer diaries and encourage you to use it to pray for different people in our church each day.

  • We saw last Sunday how Telford is such a mission-zone with so few in church compared to the rest of the country or even the world! Let’s pray for God to breathe revival across this town.