About Us

Vision - The Kingdom of God

Our vision is for God’s kingdom to come (NB. the Lord’s Prayer). We see this modelled in Acts 2v42-47 in their daily devotion.

  • growing gathering of believers
  • living by Christ’s values
  • loving one another
  • advancing the kingdom.

We see people gathering in homes and public buildings across the area to worship God, encourage each other and draw in others daily.

History - Planted 2012

2010 – God clearly led us through some independent prophetic words to plant a church with Christ Central in this area.

2012 – Hope Community Church, Admaston was planted out of Hope Shrewsbury with 12 participants.

2013 – Hope Community Church became a registered charity in July.

2014 – We moved from St Christopher’s Room to the Main Room in Admaston House.

2016 – The start of more significant growth in the church.

Part of ChristCentral, Newfrontiers

We are part of the ChristCentral network of churches which itself is part of the newfrontiers family.

In Shropshire, this network comprises:

  • Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury,
  • Hope Church in Shrewsbury,
  • Telford Christian Fellowship in Telford, and
  • Beacon Church at Whitchurch.

The leaders of these churches are mutually accountable to one another and encourage one another on a regular basis. We also have conferences, training, celebrations and prayer together with the whole church body.

Our Beliefs

We adhere to the traditional mainstream creeds (eg Nicene Creed), and in particular confirm the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith which was incorporated in our governing documents in 2013.

A copy of our basis of faith can be opened here.


Below are relevant hope community church policies for your references.

Hope Privacy Note

Our Values - Bible, Prayer, Discipleship, Family, Witness

We highly value

  • applying the Practical Truth of God’s Word in the Bible
  • exercising the Power of Prayer with God
  • developing both Personal and Public Discipleship
  • being Partners in the Family
  • being Prophets and Priests in the World

Click here for a full explanation of our values.

Strategy - Live out our Values

Our strategy is to live out our Values individually and corporately:

  • Live by the Bible
  • Pray Continually
  • Lay down our lives
  • Love one another
  • Fish actively

These are not independent, but are linked. They can only be achieved as we know the love of the Father, the grace of Christ and the empowerment of the Spirit.

Leadership - Trustees, Elders and Leaders

We have a team of Trustees who oversee the legal and administrative side of the church.

We aspire to a team of Elders who oversee the spiritual and pastoral side of the church.

We have a team of Leaders who work with the above teams in different roles in the church.

The leadership team comprises:

  • Roland West – Teaching and oversight
  • Sue West – Children’s Work and Catering
  • Tony Finch – Worship, Treasurer and Hope Debt Advice
Our Practice - To model the early church

Our practice is probably best described as Evangelical Charismatic with a family feel. We seek to model ourselves on the New Testament church best practice:

  • We teach the Bible as God’s Word for today.
  • We seek for everyone individually to trust in Christ for salvation.
  • We baptise believers
  • We give thanks for and dedicate children.
  • We exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit to build up the church.
  • We celebrate communion twice per month at present.
  • We regularly pray and worship together.
  • We regularly eat together.
  • We seek to serve one another
  • We seek to serve and witness to the world.
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