Fruitful Disciples

Do I want to be a Fruitful Disciple? Fruitfulness is seen in both our character and our reproduction of disciples. This series helps us see that our fruitfulness is dependent on our connection with God. We explore this connection through the lens of the “Greatest Commandments”: to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  There is a video, audio, and notes and questions to go with each session.


Session 0 – Fruitful Disciples Love as Jesus loved  – John 15

  • Do I want to be a Fruitful Disciple?
  • Jesus uses the imagery of the vine to show a direct link between my connection with God and my fruitfulness as a disciple.
  • This connection is explained by Jesus in terms of love which leads to obedience.

Session 1 – Fruitful Disciples Love God as Father – Luke 15

  • The story of the prodigal son is a very familiar story, but both sons had an incomplete relationship with their father.
  • What does my relationship with the Father look like?

Session 2 – Fruitful Disciples Love God as Sovereign – Mark 4v30 – 5v8

  • Where do we reside in the story of God’s reign?
  • What is God’s reign like?
  • Does this understanding help me to trust him in every situation I face and to exercise his reign in every part of my life?

Session 3 – Fruitful Disciples Love God as Provider – Luke 12v22-34

  • Does God really supply all me needs?
  • What are my needs?
  • How do I truly appreciate God’s provision?
  • What does it mean to “seek” and “be given” the kingdom?

Session 4 – Fruitful Disciples Love God as Enabler – Luke 4v14-21

  • Jesus had “the Spirit of the Lord on him”. What about us?
  • What does the Holy Spirit enable me to do?
  • How can I receive more of the Holy Spirit?

Session 5 – Fruitful Disciples Love His Children as Family – Matthew 12v46-50

  • Jesus calls you and I his brother, sister and mother!
  • Just think about how much you have in common with other Christians!
  • It’s a family business we are in, so let’s work together effectively.
  • Jesus calls us friends so let’s take steps to be friends.

Session 6 – Fruitful Disciples – United, Deal with Issues – Ephesians 4v1-3

  • Where is our effort to go into?
  • What gets in the way of our unity?
  • What part can I play in keeping unity?
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