The Last Days & The Second Coming

The matter of the Last Days and the 2nd Coming are vitally important for us as followers of Christ to understand as far as He taught us. One of the difficulties is that there are a variety of views on how events will unfold. Through the history of the church, there has been a tendency by some to speculate, to interpret by reading current situations into the text, and to develop programmes of events based on selected verses.

This series aims to take each relevant passage on its own merit within its context, thus unfolding its intended meaning. We begin with the words of Jesus, then the apostles, finally moving to the more apocalyptic literature.


Let’s explore this series together with the following materials:

  • Videos for each section
  • Study Guide

The notes and are in a pdf document at the end of each set of readings. Take as long on these as you like.

No 1 - What Did Jesus Say?

1 – What Did Jesus Say?
  • A study in the context of Matthew 23-25, Mark 13 & Luke 21.

Study Guide (pdf)

No 2 - The Message in Acts


2 – The Message in Acts

  • A study of Acts 1 through to Acts 24.

No 3 - Resurrection of the Body



3 – Resurrection of the Body


No 4 - Ezekiel



4 – Ezekiel

  • Last Days & the 2nd Coming – a study of Ezekiel
  • Study Guide