Peter writes to churches in modern day Turkey. It is a short book, but he is encouraging them to keep living practical godly lives regardless of what the difficulties they may be encountering. He points them to the reality of their salvation in the past, the present and the future. The God of grace is going to being you through to eternal glory. So, live in the light of this salvation – it has impacts in your whole life including your home and your workplace.

Let’s explore this book together with the following materials:

  • summary videos for each section (5-10 minutes each)
  • daily readings which should take no more than 5 minutes
  • notes and questions to provoke more thought about each daily reading
  • Group Study Guide


The notes and questions are in a pdf document at the end of each set of readings. Take as long on these as you like.

No 1 - A Summary

1 Peter – A Summary
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 1v1-2 & 5v10-14 Introduction and Close

1 Peter 1v3-12

Section A – 1 Peter 1v3-12
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 1v3-5 Your new birth
    • 1 Peter 1v6-9 Rejoice despite suffering
    • 1 Peter 1v10-12 Prophets & Angels love getting to grips with all this.

1 Peter 1v13-2v3

Section B – 1 Peter 1v13-2v3
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 1v13-14 Therefore set your minds for action
    • 1 Peter 1v15-21 Live as God’s children – Holy
    • 1 Peter 1v22-2v3 Live as brothers – Love

1 Peter 2v4-12

Section B – 1 Peter 2v4-12
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 2v4-8 Live as a temple of living stones – Sacrifice
    • 1 Peter 2v9-10 Live as God’s special people – Praise
    • 1 Peter 2v11-12 Live as strangers in the world – Good

1 Peter 2v13-3v8

Section C – 1 Peter 2v13-3v8
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 2v13-18 Submit to human authority
    • 1 Peter 2v19-25 Suffering for doing good
    • 1 Peter 3v1-7 Submitting as wives and husbands
    • 1 Peter 3v8 Love one another

1 Peter 3v8-4v6

Section D – 1 Peter 3v9-4v6
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 3v9-16 Repaying evil with good
    • 1 Peter 3v17-22 Suffering unjustly
    • 1 Peter 4v1-6 Suffering helps you prioritise

1 Peter 4v7-5v11

Section E – 1 Peter 4v7-5v11
  • Daily readings
    • 1 Peter 4v7-11 The end is near
    • 1 Peter 4v12-19 Don’t be surprised by suffering
    • 1 Peter 5v1-5 Elders and young men
    • 1 Peter 5v5-11 Victory in the spiritual battle