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May 20, 2018

Lord of the Church

May 13, 2018

Church Commission

May 6, 2018

Church Family

April 29, 2018

Character – Courage

February 4, 2018

We are In Christ

January 7, 2018

Character – Standing

November 19, 2017

Character – Peace

October 1, 2017

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Our “Thoughts for the Week” are below:

31st Jan – The kingdom expands

Jesus told another two parables in Matthew 13v31-33 concerning the “kingdom of heaven” which is best understood as the reign of God.   In the first, a man plants a tiny mustard seed and it grows into a tree in which the birds can perch. Jesus says the kingdom of...

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24th Jan – Wheat and Weeds growing together

Jesus told another parable in Matthew 13v24-30.  In it, a farmer sows wheat seed in his field, but also and enemy comes and sows weeds in the field. There is some consternation about the growth of the weeds, but the farmer tells his servants to leave them as he is...

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17th January – The fruitful soil

Jesus told a parable in Matthew 13v1-23 about a sower sowing seed on the soil. Jesus explained that he was comparing the soil with our heart, and the seed with the Word of God. In doing so he was showing 4 types of response we make to God’s word when we receive it:...

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10th January – Allowing the Spirit to flow

Allowing the Spirit to flow!   Last Sunday we were looking at how the Holy Spirit enables us in our daily lives. He does this in terms of: -          Assuring us we are children of God which in turn gives us faith and confidence. -          Transforming our...

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3rd January – A Fruitful New Year

A Fruitful New Year!   As we worshipped and prayed together last night, amongst other encouraging words, reference was made to the fireworks lighting up the skies of the cities of the world over the New Year, to the frost melting under the sunlight of love, and...

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20th December – The Wise Men Worship and War is Waged

The Wise Men Worship and War is Waged In Matthew 2, the Wise men come to worship Jesus. A remarkable thing in itself, that they should journey so far on the basis of a star. Little do they realise that they are igniting a war against the baby Jesus. The devil is...

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13th December – Different ways to respond

As we approach Christmas, it seems appropriate to look at a Christmas passage. This week, I want to reflect on the passage concerning the shepherds in Luke 2. The shepherds had been obedient to the call of the angels to go and see the baby Jesus, and we read: “...

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6th December – Political Instability

In a time of political uncertainty and division, we need to remember that our primary allegiance is to the King of Heaven. In that allegiance we are called to: -          Pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2v1-2) -          Submit to our leaders (Romans 13v1-7), (unless...

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29th Nov – The value of relationships

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I wonder if we realise how important the relationships we have are to our progress in the Christian life – and particularly the difficult ones! When we show love to someone we find difficult, we are demonstrating the gospel. As...

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22th November – The gospel in ‘The Boy and the Piano’

“Some gifts are more than just a gift,” is the tag line of the 2018 John Lewis Christmas commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNbSgMEZ_Tw  It traces Elton John’s piano playing from the present day back to the time when his parent’s gave their boy a piano for...

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