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Blessed Children

September 9, 2018

Fruitful Disciples – John 15

September 2, 2018

A Generous Father

July 1, 2018

Play to Win

June 24, 2018


June 10, 2018


May 20, 2018

Lord of the Church

May 13, 2018

Church Commission

May 6, 2018

Church Family

April 29, 2018

Character – Courage

February 4, 2018

We are In Christ

January 7, 2018

Character – Standing

November 19, 2017

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Our “Thoughts for the Week” are below:

28th March – Am I religious? Matthew 15v1-20

This passage begins with the religious people challenging Jesus because his disciples are not following the religious tradition of hand-washing. Jesus points out that their emphasis on tradition causes them to act against what the Bible teaches. He calls them...

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14th March – Doing the extra Day Matthew 14v13-21

Jesus wanted some space alone to mourn the beheading of John, his second cousin and partner in the gospel (see last time). Just as he got to his “space”, the crowds found him (v13). What is Jesus to do? He chose to “have compassion on them and heal their sick” rather...

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28th Feb – Responding to criticism Matthew 14v1-12

Last week, at the end of chapter 13, we saw how the people at Nazareth were offended by Jesus’ miracles. Today, we find that Herod is offended by John the Baptist’s statement of truth. 1)      Positively, Herod recognises and believes in miracles and even resurrection...

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21st Feb – The kingdom requires faith

After Jesus’ parables about the kingdom which we have looked at these last weeks, Jesus moves to his hometown (Matthew 13v53-58). Their first response is inquisitive, “Where did he get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?”, but the story’s conclusion is an...

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14th Feb – The kingdom is serious business

Jesus told yet another two parables in Matthew 13v47-52 concerning the “kingdom of heaven” which is best understood as the reign of God. In the first, a net is let down and catches many fish. While the net is in the water, it is impossible to separate the good from...

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7th Feb – The kingdom is worth it

Jesus told another two parables in Matthew 13v44-45 concerning the “kingdom of heaven” which is best understood as the reign of God. In the first, when a man finds treasure hidden in a field, he hides it again and goes with joy to sell all he has to buy that...

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31st Jan – The kingdom expands

Jesus told another two parables in Matthew 13v31-33 concerning the “kingdom of heaven” which is best understood as the reign of God.   In the first, a man plants a tiny mustard seed and it grows into a tree in which the birds can perch. Jesus says the kingdom of...

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24th Jan – Wheat and Weeds growing together

Jesus told another parable in Matthew 13v24-30.  In it, a farmer sows wheat seed in his field, but also and enemy comes and sows weeds in the field. There is some consternation about the growth of the weeds, but the farmer tells his servants to leave them as he is...

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17th January – The fruitful soil

Jesus told a parable in Matthew 13v1-23 about a sower sowing seed on the soil. Jesus explained that he was comparing the soil with our heart, and the seed with the Word of God. In doing so he was showing 4 types of response we make to God’s word when we receive it:...

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