Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

Revelation – Worship in Heaven

Revelation 4v8  “Day and night they never stop saying; ‘ Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty, who was and is and is to come.’”

John is given the privilege of a “door standing open in heaven” (4v1). Have you ever seen a door standing open and wondered what was inside? John is invited in to have a look. What he sees is an awesome throne with God on it. Much of the imagery is carried from the Old Testament (e.g. Ezekiel 1v4-28). Around the throne are 24 “elders” and 4 intriguing “creatures”.

Both the creatures and the elders are worshipping God. Let’s consider their worship. Firstly, notice that their worship comprises three elements:

  • What they say (“Saying …” v8, v10)
  • Their posture (“falling down” v10), and
  • Their actions (“laying their crowns before the throne” v11)

Secondly notice what they are praising and worshipping God for:

  • His holiness (“holy, holy, holy” v8) – which means his total perfection and completeness
  • His role as Creator (“you created all things” v11) – these beings worshipping him are created by him just like everything else. God is the only creator.
  • His nature as Eternal (“who was, and is, and is to come” v8) – God is without beginning and without end – which is hard for us to fully comprehend.

As Christians, much of our worship rightly centers on Jesus.  But this first scene in Revelation focuses on God being worthy of worship, even without the provision he has made for us in Jesus.

Maybe it is time for us to participate with John in his vision, and allow our spiritual eyes to enter the door of heaven and see what John saw. Meditate on these words in this passage. Use this passage or other songs to keep your mind on the greatness, the holiness, the eternal nature of God. Let this worship rise up in the words of your mouth, the posture you take and the actions you make.

May our worship correspond to who God actually is,

With love and blessing,



  • Give thanks for your access to the holy and eternal creator!
  • Continue to pray that God would send workers into this harvest field in Telford and that we would each be fully equipped. On that note, let’s pray for the Reassure courses running currently.
  • For all those struggling with health at the moment.
  • For all those in education as schools plan to return the week after next.