Dear Hope family,

Thought for the Week

God’s Plan from the beginning

1 Peter 1v20 “He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.”

Have you ever prepared or been part of a surprise party? There is a big plan afoot, but the central recipient is unaware of it. Maybe some little clues are dropped as part of the fun, but they only maintain the intrigue rather than reveal the plan.

It is a bit like that with Jesus. God chose him right from the start – and even before the start. We so often focus on ourselves and our salvation, but this salvation is much, much bigger than you or I – it is a plan that stretches right back through time, and it is a plan which stretches right across all space. God dropped little clues in the prophets, but what they meant could only be fully seen when the real thing came into view.

While the plan maybe cosmic, the reason for revelation is for you and I – so that we can participate in it. The context of the above verse is Christ being the perfect sacrificial lamb to “redeem you from the empty way of life handed down to you”.

It helps to see our present situation in the light of the big picture. God is unfolding his amazing plan. I don’t know the detail, but he has told us the destinations and he has told us how to get there. By his grace in Christ, we are indeed redeemed from the hell-road to the heaven-road.

We may remember the birth of many great men, but the birth of Jesus calls for huge celebration, because in his life, we too have life.

With love and blessing,




  • This Sunday
    • We will be meeting physically this Sunday and providing a live band to lead worship. This will also be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.
    • If you are joining us on site, please let me remind you:
      • wear mask at all times indoors
      • sanitise hands on entry
      • Check in with the QR code (if you are able)
      • Go to your seat (we are not permitted to “intermingle” indoors in Tier 2)
      • The service itself will proceed as previously with the broadcast time and then the “Zoom” time.
      • Afterwards, we may only intermingle in groups of 6 outdoors.
    • Facebook live
    • Youtube on Hope Community Church Admaston channel.


  • Coming Sundays
    • The above is our general plan for while we are in Tier 2 restrictions.
    • On 20th December, we will not have a morning service, though you can offer service in helping to set up for the Carol Service. Please let Natalie know if you are willing to help.
    • On 25th December we will meet on Zoom only at 10am for about 30-40 minutes.
    • On 27th December and 3rd January, we will not meet physically, but will provide a broadcast with pre-recorded materials (some publically available) and have a shorter Zoom time.
    • We will return to live in person worship on 10th


  • Carol Service
    • If you are willing to help with logistics or marshalling, please let Natalie know.


  • Magazines
    • There are still a couple of sets of magazines to be distributed. If you are able to support this, it will be greatly appreciated.


  • Microgroups
    • Last call for the first batch of Microgroups. If you would like to be part of one for just 15-20 minutes each week at a time to suit your group, please message Helen or Natalie.


Programme – Please contact if you would like to join any of our meetings via Zoom.


Thu 03-Dec 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Alpha – on Zoom (#1)
Fri 04-Dec  
Sat 05-Dec  
Sun 06-Dec 10.30 Hope Worship@ Admaston & on Youtube and Facebook
11.00 Hope Family time on Zoom (#0)
7pm Roland & Sue’s Fruitful Disciple group (#0)
Mon 07-Dec 7.30pm Hope Community Prayer  – on Zoom (#0).
Tue 08-Dec 7.30pm Men’s Group Zoom (#1)
7.30pm Men’s Alpha  Zoom (#0)
Wed 09-Dec 8am Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom (#0)
7.30pm Tony & Andrea’s Disciple Group (#0)
Thu 10-Dec 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Alpha – on Zoom (#1)
Fri 11-Dec  
Sat 12-Dec  
Sun 13-Dec 10.30 Hope Worship on Youtube and Facebook
11.00 Hope Family time @ on Zoom (#0)
7.00pm Youth on Zoom (#0)
Mon 14-Dec  
Tue 15-Dec 7.30pm Men’s Group Zoom (#1)
7.30pm Men’s Alpha  Zoom (#0)
Wed 16-Dec 8am Hope Community Prayer – on Zoom (#0)
Thu 17-Dec 7.30pm St Cs Ladies’ Alpha – on Zoom (#1)
Fri 18-Dec  
Sat 19-Dec  
Sun 20-Dec 9.30am Set up for carol service
5pm Christmas Carol Service
Mon 21-Dec  
Tue 22-Dec 7.30pm Men’s Group Zoom (#1)
7.30pm Men’s Alpha  Zoom (#0)
Wed 23-Dec  
Thu 24-Dec  
Fri 25-Dec 10am on Zoom (#0) – 30/40 minutes worship
Sat 26-Dec  
Sun 27-Dec 10.30 Hope worship on Facebook & Youtube (not in person) using prerecorded items.
11.10 Zoom time (30 minutes only)
Mon 28-Dec  
Tue 29-Dec  
Wed 30-Dec  
Thu 31-Dec  
Fri 01-Jan  
Sat 02-Jan  
Sun 03-Jan 10.30 Hope worship on Facebook & YouTube (not in person) using pre-recorded items
11.10 Zoom time (30 minutes only)





Give thanks

  • For our church family together.


  • For the magazines going out, those distributing magazines and the Carol Service as it becomes publicised.
  • “Ask, Seek, Knock” for God to be changing us to his likeness by the power of the Holy Spirit in us.
  • For those who are unwell or feeling low at the present time.